Lady Legend of Real Estate, and Cheplak Select Coach, the amazing Laurie Reader.

Listen in as I sit down with a 24-year veteran of real estate and 2,000 plus transactions closer in competitive South Florida.

She is also one of my Elite Coaches with Cheplak

…who will give you immediately deployable action steps, send me a message and I can set up a discovery call.

Here’s some of what we covered

– If I can’t make your life better then there’s no reason for us to work together.

– Behave and operate your business today as you’re GOING TO BE, not as you currently are.

What works at scale must be put into place NOW.

– Say NO when you’re supposed to so you can say YES when the right opportunities are before you.

– To grow, the #1 thing you must protect is your time to make your life better.

– Agents who are led in groups will far outperform agents coached and led one on one. (There is a time and place for one on one)

– How to make the transition one on one coaching of your agents weekly to group coaching.

– You know you have a healthy CULTURE when it polices itself and empowers others.

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