Get to know Veronica Figueroa

Veronica Figueroa is an award-winning Real Estate influencer, keynote speaker, known for her vivacious personality. Veronica leads the #1 Team for Homes Sold in EXP – The Figueroa Team.

Veronica Figueroa

Veronica Figueroa is an award-winning real estate influencer and keynote speaker known for her vivacious personality. Ms. Figueroa leads the #1 Team for Homes Sold in EXP—The Figueroa Team. She regularly engages with other team leads to share her unique techniques that fuel her teams’ success. As a result, the Figueroa Team continues to scale and grow as one of the nation’s leading teams, serving 2,000+ families and clients in 2021 with over $646 million in sales volume.

Ms. Figueroa has sat on Zillows Advisory Board since 2016. She has been named an Inman Influencer, and in 2017, The Figueroa Team won The Most Innovative Team of the Year by Inman for their bold partnership with the I-Buyer movement and Instant Offers. As a keynote speaker, Ms. Figueroa has shared the stage with many influencers, including Venus Williams at eXpcon 2021.

Ms. Figueroa’s true passion is inspiring and helping others with directional wisdom and showing them how to amplify their confidence, communication, and connections to run successful real estate businesses. She mentors with passion, effectively guiding others to help strengthen and elevate their leadership visions to new heights.


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