Importance of Culture When Starting a Team

Creating an environment where team members can thrive is a key factor in a successful work culture. Culture often sets the tone for how agents feel about their careers within your company.

Business culture impacts a team’s happiness and desire to stay long-term. Weak culture can cause a company’s top producers to get burnt out and seek other brokerages.

A company’s culture refers to its goals, mission, and physical work environment.

Ask yourself, “Why is culture important?”

The environment you create sets standards and norms for your business. If you set high standards, you will attract high performers.

Brokerage culture plays a large role in the accountability of your team members and how they respond to feedback. 

A team with a high accountability culture often results in the lower performers choosing to leave the brokerage and find a better fit for them.

Employees as Company Ambassadors

Another reason why culture is important is because it can turn your team into supportive ambassadors of your brand.

Yes, people want opportunities and brokerage benefits, but they also want to feel valued and appreciated. When you have team members who feel like they matter, they are more likely to become culture advocates for your company. 

What does this mean? It means that you have support staff and real estate agents who contribute to your organization’s culture and drive your brand. 

You might ask, “How do I achieve this?”

One way is to celebrate success and good work. When you recognize both individual and team success, your members will feel accomplished. This is a great way to create advocates for the company. 

Employee Retention

Another reason why a solid culture is important is that it helps you keep the best team members. People are more likely to stick with a company when they feel like they are a valued member of the community. 

Your culture can also help transform your company into a successful team. It brings people together and keeps them aligned. 

When you have an effective work culture, you set expectations for how people should behave and work together. This can also dictate how well your organization functions on a daily basis.

Strong company culture can help improve workflow, guide decision-making, and break down walls.

Culture is essential to the success of any business, and it is no different for real estate teams. A positive culture sets the tone for how people conduct themselves and work together. This will result in a more cohesive and productive team. 

A strong culture leads to happier individuals who produce better results. Developing a strong brokerage culture takes time and effort, but it’s well worth the investment.

Have you had success in building a positive culture within your organization?

Kelli Salter