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The single most important accomplishment in my life, I started dating my wife 47 years ago as a couple of 16 year olds. The past 42 years we have been married, I still to this day wake up excited that I still have the honor to date her every day.

Sammie Knight

After 20+ years working in corporate America with AT&T, Hartford Insurance, Bryan Foods, and Sara Lee, Sammie Knight realized there was a better opportunity as an entrepreneur waiting for him. Since then, Mr. Knight has spent the last 22 years as the owner of five RE/MAX offices, Motto Mortgage, Summit Property Management, Oxford Appliance Repair, as well as multiple real estate investment companies, namely Olympus, LLC. and CR1061, LLC. He also owns his own consulting firm, CRRS, LLC., focused on building operations, sales, and marketing strategies for each business.

Throughout his career, Mr. Knight has worked in over 60 countries with non-profits, small businesses, start-ups, Forbes Top 50 and Top 10, and several Fortune 500 and Fortune 10 companies. When asked what his keys to success are, Mr. Knight says that “…people truly make the difference. They are the single most important resource we have as entrepreneurs,” a lesson he learned from his father. With this spirit in mind, Mr. Knight is driven by the success of others. Each day, he tries to focus on how things can be improved and done better.

Mr. Knight also believes that his best accomplishments in life are marrying his wife of 42 years and being a father to Cole and Reed and a grandfather to Ridge and Swazy.


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