Get to know Kelli Salter

Began career at Coldwell Banker as an individual agent, was Rookie of the Year at one of the largest CB in 2016. Joined a team, was the top producer on the team. Left team in 2019 to become an individual agent again, rebuild business, hired Jon in March 2020. Currently Broker/Owner of Anchor Real Estate in Jacksonville, NC.

Kelli Salter

With a background in IPO and the corporate renewable energy business world, Kelli Salter is no stranger to start-up culture, corporate culture, or hard work and claims that her superpower is “resilience.” Kelli has earned both her BA and MPA and began her career as an individual agent at Coldwell Banker in 2015. Shortly thereafter, she found herself being recognized as the Rookie of the Year.

In 2020, she left Coldwell Banker to start her own business, which officially opened on May 1, 2021. Since then, Ms. Salter has hired 7 full-time staff members and supports 19 producing agents. Her business is a niche for newer agents, known for teaching and mentoring them to reach productivity quickly.

By building a sustainable model for repeat and referral business through continual client outreach, events, and online reviews, Kelli and her team have consistently done $100+ million in sales (with an average sale price of $275,000) and over $3 million in GCI during her first years of opening Anchor Real Estate. Her company has over 700 five-star reviews online, a fact highlighted by her dominant social media presence, which consistently reaches tens of thousands of views across various platforms.

In her personal time, Kelli enjoys traveling, adventuring, and running marathons. She is also the wife of an Active-Duty Marine and a dedicated mom to her son Andrew.


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