How did The Figueroa Team go from 700 Closings a year to over 2,000 in 2 years with a NEW Chief Operations Officer, Eric Christopher Perez from OUTSIDE the real estate industry?

We covered some really important ground in the area of OPERATIONS for growing a team and I can’t wait to release the interview.

Eric is also one of my Elite Coaches with Cheplak Select so if you’re interested in a high-level coach in the area of operations, send me a message.

Here’s some of what we talked about:

✅ Team growth freezes for most because they do what someone says will work before they actually understand the what and why they are doing it.

✅ Is the agent someone who is not productive or is it the sales training process not productive?

✅ The hiring of staff from outside the industry doesn’t work because leaders don’t then invest even more in that employee to coach and train them ongoing

✅ Everything worth doing must be done consistently

✅ Retention of employees requires constantly giving them opportunities to do and be more while fostering an inclusionary environment that expects productivity.

✅ You must marry recruiting and the sales process

✅ Stop looking at what you’ve done or accomplished and ask what’s missing

✅ Money hides mistakes.

✅ It’s not your lead source that’s the problem, it’s your follow up and sales process

…and so much more

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