Breaking Down Five Ways to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate When Prospecting.

Need more leads? Your ability to reach your ready, willing, and able customers is the single most important business principle you must solve.

All businesses have more uncaptured, unconverted, and unsold opportunities than converted leads into clients. Your job is to fill in the holes and gaps in your lead conversion process so that you capture more of the opportunities you already have.

Stop chasing your next lead when you already have everything you need in your Lead Management System, Database, Missed Call Report, etc.

Once you commit to these five main points, you will experience a massive change in your lead conversion, requiring fewer leads and selling more homes, products, or services.

#1 – Answer your phone

Your greatest ability is your availability.

An inbound phone call is ten times more valuable than a phone number you need to call to serve. I know you like to work smarter, not harder. This is where you should start.

I have a standard that I answer all calls. It is impossible to answer all calls; however, I strive for perfection here. At the end of the month, I should show a minimum 85% answer rate.

In real estate, the industry-standard answer rate is under 20%. That is dismal and is why the person on the other end of the phone isn’t keen on talking to you. An agent in the past had burned them because the agent failed to answer their phone.

#2 – Return all missed calls

It would be best if you always had an alternate airport. A safety net to capture your mistakes, failures, and errors. Have redundancy in your systems. I like that jet airlines have 2 of everything, two engines, two pilots, two airports, and two hydraulic systems.

You can’t trust yourself to answer all incoming calls. Therefore, you must have a rule you will return all missed calls the same day. Speed kills, so return it immediately.

#3 – Text missed calls

My friend is one of the top mortgage brokers in North America. he has closed multiple billions in loans throughout his career.

Success leaves clues. Here is what I learned from him. Anytime he can’t answer the phone, he immediately sends a text to the caller, telling them he will call them back.

When you are successful, you are always on the phone or with a client. When you drop a call is when you use this technique. Tell your clients that if a call comes in, you will send a text.

If you don’t text your inbound calls, they will go to the next business or agent.

#4 – Double or triple tap

I learned this technique that dramatically increases your contact ratios when prospecting from my mother and wife.

In the 1980s, before cell phones, caller ID, and voice mail, when someone called our house and we could not answer the phone, my mother would say, “If it is important, they will call back.”

Anytime my wife calls me and I don’t answer, she will immediately call me back. No voicemail hangs up and calls back. She is making her call go from routine to urgent.

The double-tap is when you call a lead; they don’t answer or go straight to voicemail; you hang up and call right back. You have just demonstrated that your call is important and urgent.

#5 – Use video to connect with your leads

Growing up, I was taught not to talk to strangers. Chances are, the people I’m calling were also instructed not to talk to strangers.

The reason people are not answering your calls is not personal. They don’t recognize your number, and you are a stranger.

When you are calling, the lead will often not answer your call. Therefore, what you do next with your lead is the most critical decision. Make a rule to send a video text to all missed calls and answer calls to those you have never met. Send a video to place a face with your name. The video takes you from a stranger to a natural person whom the lead can trust.

I hope that you commit yourself to sales mastery. The only way to reach mastery is to get more repetitions.

Everything is sales; therefore, we need to be on the phone with leads more often. This will make you much better. Resulting in more sales.

Thanks for reading,

Nick McLean