Leveraging time is one of the most important things I focus on.

How can I get help doing the things that shouldn’t require my time?

With automation built around every spot in my day, I know that I’m being as efficient with my time as possible.

In the past three months, with the systems I’ve built and integrated, I’ve reduced over 400 man-hours per month from our business. This reduced our need to hire new staff as we’ve scaled resulting in a lower cost to run the business.

There is not one single task that I do that requires more time than it should. If something is a repetitive task, I find a way to automate it. Focusing your time on dollar productive or time-saving activities should be one of your primary focuses.

The result? More time with family, less payroll cost, less employee burnout, etc.

The more time you spend creating efficiency, the more you’ll have to spend working ON your business, not IN your business.

Think of your top three activities that you do on a daily basis or even weekly basis that take the most time. What can you do to spend less time on those activities? Find something small every day that you know you need off your plate, and find a way to remove it. You’ll be amazed at how much less you’re doing next month.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Hull