Most are held accountable the WRONG way…they are JUDGED and CONDEMNED

Accountability done the RIGHT way is Observing and Noticing WITHOUT judgment.

A. Master asking GREAT questions without using the word “WHY”. Why is a word of judgment and immediately puts someone on the defense.

B. Recognize what wasn’t done when measuring as the GAP. “Growth Is In The GAP” The GAP is not a Bad Thing, it’s a space of opportunity to reflect on, learn from and recommit.

1. Make a commitment not a goal!

2. It must be specific and measurable.

3. It must have a deadline.

4. Someone else gets to measure it.

5. Don’t judge your outcome, simply recognize whether you kept your commitment or didn’t keep your commitment.

6. Recognize what got in the way.

7. Determine what you need to do differently.

8. Recommit.

Self Discovery is the number 1 way to get a human being to make a choice, change and increase productivity.

Reflection: Are you trying to FORCE change and growth or are you FACILITATING change and growth?