After Over 10,000 PLUS, One-On-One Coaching Calls…

Consulting with the Elite Teams and Largest Brokerages

I’ve discovered the 3 most critical areas of focus to grow a Real Estate Team or Company and…

…the mistakes that keep most people from experiencing the growth my clients do in their business.

Get Focused On The Right Target.

If you’ve heard me speak before or listened to a podcast or maybe worked with me, you’ve heard me say it over and over and over again…

…we’ve got to be focused on the right target.

PEOPLE, not transactions.

Growth is NOT about more transactions. People will only do so many transactions so what you need is more people to do more transactions.

Per Person Productivity has not changed in 31 years. If anything it has gone down.

So what are those THREE critical business silos?

Bringing in PEOPLE.

Retaining PEOPLE.

Drive the productivity of your PEOPLE. 

Here’s the basic principle on recruitment…

…your features and benefits… the dream…is NOT what people are joining.

If it was the dream, if it was the model, one model would of put everyone out of business a long time ago.

So think about that. People have to connect with the leader first. Well, the challenge is people don’t believe what they’re told, they believe what they experience.

So what you’ve got to do in your recruiting is create an experience of what it’s going to be like when people join before they join

In other words, coach, train and lead the competitor’s agents better than their current leader is, so they self discover you are the most valuable business proposition.

You know, investing a portion of their commissions in a business partnership with you, whether it’s splits, the fees, revenue shares etc.,

…working for you, your company is going to give them the highest return.

Real simple, but you’ve got to be consistent. It doesn’t happen overnight when you’re going after experienced agents and…

Your feature dump strategy is DEAD!

The second piece is – okay, now you’ve got them, how do you keep them?

The foundation I want you to keep is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. People want to belong, people will pay for community.

People want love and recognition.

And so what you must to do is show people they will fit and they do fit socially. There are many levels of productivity in an office, in an environment, in a company, on a team and that’s important.

Now I’m not talking about people that aren’t committed to the real estate industry. The question is how do you make people feel that they’re a part of the community and they are contributing…

…at the varying levels of production each individual will bring forward?

It’s acknowledgement.

Acknowledge what you expect.

Acknowledge the things that contribute to the environment.

Publicly acknowledge your agents.

It’s NOT about You!

Number three. How do I drive productivity? You know, I rah rah them, and we KPI them to death, we huddle them to death and motivate them…

…sorry, no one is inspired by your “to-do list”.

Self discovery is the highest form of human persuasion. It’s the number one way to get a human being to make a choice, make a change, and move into higher productivity…So

…what you’ve got to do is move to being a commitment based leader, have a commitment based environment, and allow the agents to make THEIR commitments.

An art and a science you must master.

The minute I tell someone what to do, ownership of the commitment by the agent is gone. They don’t own it. It’s yours. So you’re setting yourself up for failure 99% of the time.

So how do we facilitate people to discovering where they want to go in life, which is supported by their action steps in business?

They make commitments they own and then your job is to hold them accountable..The Right Way…

What we’ve got to do is recognize accountability is observing or noticing without judgment. We must eliminate the word ‘why’ from our vocabulary.

If there’s one thing you take away from this video I’ve shared, pull ‘why’ away from your leadership vocabulary…

It’s a word of judgment, it moves people to defense mode and…

I’ll close with this…

The only way to move someone to productivity- to facilitate change, is to get them to the truth.

When we get to the truth, when we have openness, transparency, and vulnerability, “Hey, I’m struggling here…

Then we can go a few layers deeper and find out what’s getting in the way and facilitate someone to productivity through THEIR self-awareness.

Pride and External Impact are the two most critical factors in supporting someone to make a choice, change and move into action…

Thanks for reading,

Jon Cheplak